Current Stock Updation

Suppliers and Buyers are requested to post your details before 11 A.M. It will help to reach more people


Gold and Plantinum Members can update their Stocks.

Steps to add your Current Stock

1. Login using your user name and password. Click on Login in the Home page . login

2.Once Logged you will get the below screen. In that click on Update Stock.

update stock1


3.Once Clicked on update screen you will get the below screen to ADD the stock.

add stock

4.To Show and Hide your Current Stock click on edit details as shown below. Here we can delete the stock also by pressing Delete Details.


5.After Clicking Edit details you will get the below screen . Here we have one checkbox called VISIBILITY. By ticking that checkbox  you can display your stock by unticking the checkbox you can hide your stock.


edit stock1

6. Finally your Current stock will be displayed in DAILY COOCNUT MARKET. In that click on Suppliers you will get the list of Current Stock.



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